2023 / France / Fiction / 43′

Directed by Mouloud Ouyahia dit Mouloud Aït Liotna



Yanis, a young Kabyle, leaves tomorrow for Paris. But the death of a friend disrupts his last day in the village and leads him on a strange journey where melancholy softens the bitterness of the departure.


Mouloud Aït Liotna grew up in Algeria and left for France before his 18th birthday. He studied cinema and philosophy there, then worked in documentary development. The House Is on Fire, Might as Well Get Warm is his first short film.


Script  Mouloud Aït Liotna

Cinematographer  Jowan le Besco

Sound  Hocine Mellal

Mix  Jean-François Terrien

Cast  Mehdi Ramdani, Mohamed Lefkir

Music  Amazigh Kateb, Ptit Moh

Sets  Ammar Nouri

Edit  Esther Frey

Production  Avant la Nuit

Coproduction  l’œil Vif Productions : Benjamin Costes