2024 / France / Docu-fiction / 49′

Directed by Souliman Schelfout


Pietro is convinced that billionaire Bill Gates is behind the pandemic that has hit the world. He repeats it over and over again on the Internet. But while his community of followers grows, he isolates himself from his family and sinks into solitude.


Born in Corrèze, France, Souliman Schelfout has edited about 20 films at the crossroads of fiction, documentary and contemporary art. Reset is his 3rd film as a director.


Script  Souliman Schelfout, Elie Salleron

Cinematographer  Souliman Schelfout

Sound  Antoine Bertucci, Mégane Grandin, Souliman Schelfout, Benjamin Silvestre

Mix  Lucien Richardson

Cast  Elie Salleron, Lisa Spurio, Dario Hardouin Spurio, Guillaume Champeval

Music  Elie Sa. et Pietro Lefebvre

Special effects  Souliman Schelfout, Julian Nouveau

Production  21 Juin Cinéma and Micro Climat : Maxime Montagne – Laurent Slama