2023 / France / Fiction / 30′

Directed by Sacha Teboul


Yuri is a sculptor. Since the death of his wife, 17 years ago, he has been working hard to re-fabricate her. He misses only one element, her eyes. When he falls on Andreas it is an evidence, he found the eyes he’s looking for. Yuri will be stroked by this meeting and what it represents: the end of his quest.


Sacha is was born in 1995 in Paris. At 18 he entered Les Beaux-Arts de Paris. As a visual artist, he developed installations in which he gradually included actors. After a year spent in Santiago de Chile, he was admitted to La Femis in the film direction department in 2019.


Script  Sacha Teboul

Cinematographer  Lou Lavalette

Sound  Joseph Squire

Mix  Anna Devillaire

Cast  Denis Lavant, Oscar Lesage, Nina About Ajedyne

Sets  Jeanne Ader

Production  La Fémis : Helena Pokorny