2023 / Japon / Fiction / 60′

Directed by Kyosuke Takada



10-year-old Misaki is a precocious, sensitive girl who still feels the presence of her late mother at home. Misaki sets a place for her mom at the table and won’t let anybody sit in her chair. Her father now has a new girlfriend and wants the family to move on as best they can, but accepts that Misaki takes life at a different pace than her older sister.


Born in 2001 in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kyosuke Takada started making films when he was in high school with his friends. Aiming to become a director, he enrolled in the film department of Nihon University College of Art. He continues to make films in a style in which he writes only the events in the script and improvises the dialogues on the spot.


Script  Kyosuke Takada

Cinematographer  Yuichi Ichikawa

Sound  Yuzuki Dote

Mix  Yuzuki Dote

Cast  Yui Suzuki, Karin Nishina, Yasuro Kono

Sets   Haruto Kuroda

Production  Yuri Kubota PFF (Pia Film Festival)