2024 / France / Documentaire / 35′

Directed by Fanny Chaloche et Annabelle Martella



No one has ever seen a skateboarder on the skatepark in Châtillon-Coligny. At first glance, this out-of-the-way spot is deserted. But if you hang around for a while, you come across 14-year-old Wido. He draws us into his kingdom, an adult-free empire where relationships are made and broken to the rhythm of the seasons.


Childhood friends Annabelle Martella and Fanny Chaloche grew up in the Loiret region of France. They make films that are both funny and melancholic.


Script  Fanny Chaloche, Annabelle Martella

Cinematographer  Fanny Chaloche

Sound  Manon Héchard et Arthus Touzet

Mix  Jules Jasko

Production  Fanny Chaloche, Annabelle Martella , Face B et Maison Fracas : Gautier Raguenes