2024 / France / Fiction / 45′

Directed by Nicolas Giuliani



Bruno and Céline, a loving couple, both mentally handicapped, live in perfect harmony in a market garden that takes in and employs disabled people… Until the day Lucie joins the team of educators… This drama was shot with a troupe of disabled actors from the Catalyse workshop.


After studying literature and documentary filmmaking, Nicolas Giuliani has made several short films that reflect his attention to reality. He finds his fictional characters among children, the underprivileged and the disabled. He attempts to visit their imaginations, inviting viewers to transform norms and appearances.


Script  Nicolas Giuliani

Cinematographer Christophe Chauvin

Sound  Laurent Blahay

Mix  Mathieu Deniau

Cast  Manon Carpentier (Catalyse), Guillaume Drouadaine (Catalyse), Elise Lhomeau, Jean-Paul Dubois

Sets  Théo Facon-Waché

Production Les Films Hatari : Gautier Raguenes