2023 / Thaïlande / Expérimental / 30′

Directed by Thaweechok Phasom



Haunted by a chest void and fragmented memories, a woman seeks answers from elders, who suggest a karmic connection. After encountering a mysterious goat and consuming raw meat, an enigma is triggered. She embarks on a transformative night journey to an urban home, uncovering mysteries through a mesmerizing TV revelation.


Thaweechok Phasom (Thailand) is an independent filmmaker of Thai and Tai Yai descent. His work delves into the inner lives of individuals, deconstructing themes of marginalization with an experimental approach. Through this exploration, he uncovers the hidden mysteries of humanity’s affect.


Script  Thaweechok Phasom

Cinematographer  Pattaraset Charoenthongnithichot

Sound  Hamhiran Sridamrong

Mix   Hamhiran Sridamrong

Cast   Panita Hutacharern

Music   Hamhiran Sridamrong

Sets  Chatchapon Wongkrasaemongkol

Production  Thaweechok Phasom