2024 / France / Fiction / 40′

Directed by Lana Cheramy


On the eve of the Paris Commune, Rose Beuret, Auguste Rodin’s life partner, is alone in the studio. As Rodin is away, she has to take care of an unfinished sculpture. The clay must stay moist every day. To forget her solitude, Rose takes refuge in the daily care of the sculpture and devotes herself entirely to the statue.


Mrs Rodin or The Age of Maturity is Lana Cheramy’s fourth film. Sensitive to issues concerning fringes and marginality, she is attached to the idea of a sensory and earthly cinema, exploring bodies and their environment.


Script  Lana Cheramy

Cinematographer  Juliette Barrat

Sets  Sarah Schneider

Costumes  Tiphaine Pottier, Laurian Rufflé

Editing  Nobuo Coste

Sound  Charlie Sénécaut, Agathe Poche

Mix  Maxime Roy

Cast  Clara Augarde, Quentin Dolmaire, Alice Barnole, Céline Samie, Aristote Moreau, Gaëlle Cerisier, Hubert Viel

Production  COMET Films : Maxime Roy