2024 / France / Fiction / 36′

Directed by Alexia Portal


Summer 1990. Elsa and her father go to the South of France on vacation. They meet up with old friends and their four children in a house lost in the hills. Immediately, the complicity between adults and children is rekindled. But Elsa senses a growing tension and secretly worries.


Alexia Portal is an actress who worked with Eric Rohmer (Autumn Tale) Roger Planchon as well as in numerous productions for television or the stage. Our Loyalties is her second short film after Carne (selected at “Côté Court” Pantin film festival in 2022). She is currently writing a feature film.


Script  Alexia Portal

Cinematographer  Alexandra de Saint Blanquat

Sound  Paul Guilloteau

Mix  Vincent Verdoux

Cast  Cathleen Rosaz, Bastien Bernini, Adrien Casse, Mona, Alexandre Spector, Max Harter, Camille Figuereo, Cédric Weber

Sets  Pauline Coudurier

Production  Haïku Films : Thomas Jaeger